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Online Security

At Rapport Credit Union we are committed to keeping your confidential information as safe as possible. This means that we take steps to protect the security and confidentiality of our members' information by using:

  • 128-bit encryption which can only be decoded and read by the Credit Union while on our secure online site
  • Secure firewalls which safeguard against unauthorized access to the Online Services system
  • 24 hour monitoring to ensure the integrity of the banking system is maintained.

While we take these strong measures to protect the security and privacy of your information, you are also responsible for the care, control and confidentiality of your passwords and personal information when using the Internet. To better protect your online security there are important steps that you should take to safeguard your information. We suggest you should:

  • Install and maintain a firewall to protect yourself from unauthorized access to or from your computer by filtering the information coming through the Internet connection into your computer
  • Install and maintain anti-virus software that detects viruses and cleans your computer so that viruses do not spread. Most anti-virus programs include an auto-update feature. Take advantage of this feature and be sure to update immediately
  • Install and maintain anti-spyware software which detects malicious programs that may have been installed onto your computer unknowingly through email attachments or content that you download from a website. Like anti-virus software, most anti-spyware programs include an auto-update feature. Take advantage of this feature and be sure to update immediately
  • Install all of the latest security updates for your browser and operating system. This will help reduce your computer's vulnerability. Most operating systems and browser versions offer notification of product updates; take advantage of these to keep your system secure
  • Clear your browser after logging out from Internet banking. Never leave your computer unattended while Internet banking is logged in
  • Change your online password often. Use hard-to-guess passwords that include a combination of letters and numbers. Never use your birthday, house number or phone number as your password.

Protect Yourself from Online Fraud

Phishing is a scam whereby an email is sent to a user falsely claiming to be a legitimate company in an attempt to obtain personal information that will be used for identity theft. The email directs the user to click on a link that redirects them to a fraudulent site. These sites are designed to fool you into believing they are legitimate websites. Once on the site you will be asked to enter personal information and/or financial information, which will then be used to steal your identity.

If you receive one of these emails, do not respond and delete it immediately. Remember - Rapport Credit Union will never send out an email asking for your password, account numbers or personal information.

If you receive an email purporting to have come from Rapport Credit Union that you are suspicious of, please contact us immediately at:
416 925 1107
1 888 516 6664

Fraud Protection
Protect Your Pin

Canadians use their debit cards millions of times each day for purchases and cash withdrawals from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). In fact, Canadians are one of the largest users of debit cards and ATMs in the world.

With the EXCHANGE® and Interac® networks of ATMs, Rapport cardholders have convenient access to their cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While these services are among the most secure in the world, debit card fraud can occur. You can help keep your money safe by protecting your debit card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) by following these important steps:

  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions at an ATM or at the point-of-sale
  • Never let your debit card out of your sight when conducting a transaction at the point-of-sale. Only allow your card to be swiped once and always remember to take your debit card and transaction record with you once your transaction is completed
  • Regularly check your Rapport Credit Union statements and balances to verify all transactions have been properly documented. If entries do not accurately reflect transaction activities -, for example, if there are missing or additional transactions -, you should contact us immediately
  • If your debit card is lost, stolen or retained by an ATM, notify us immediately
  • Your debit card and PIN are the keys to your account(s). Never disclose your PIN to anyone or you could be liable for losses. You are the only person who should know it
  • Memorize your PIN - it's your electronic signature. If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, change it immediately or contact Rapport to cancel the card, and obtain a new card
  • When selecting your PIN, never use obvious information. You could be liable for losses if you create your PIN by using your telephone number, date of birth, address or social insurance number

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