Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Deposit Anywhere™?"

Deposit Anywhere™ is a new Mobile App feature that allows you to deposit cheques by taking a photo of them and submitting them anywhere, anytime.

Is Deposit Anywhere™ secure?

Yes. As a feature of our mobile banking app, "Deposit Anywhere" meets the same high standards as our mobile and online banking services. In addition, cheque images are never stored on your smartphone.

What accounts are eligible?

You can deposit to your Chequing or Savings. US accounts are currently not eligible for this service.

How do I sign up for Deposit Anywhere™?

Simply download our mobile app directly from our website. Download the app today!

How do I deposit a cheque?

Depositing a cheque is easy!

  • Open your Rapport mobile app
  • Tap the “Deposit” button
  • Select the account you want to deposit the cheque to
  • Enter the amount
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the cheque
  • Confirm the details, and tap “Submit”
  • Write "Remote Deposited" across the top of the cheque on the front

Are there any fees for using Deposit Anywhere™?

No, there are no fees to use this service.

What do I do with my cheque after I deposit it?

Keep it in a safe place for 90 days and then destroy it. You do not need to mail in the cheque to your branch.

What types of cheque can I deposit?

You can deposit

  • Personal Cheques
  • Certified Cheques
  • Canadian Bank Money Orders
  • Canadian Bank Drafts

Cheques must be payable in Canadian dollars and drawn on any Canadian financial institution. Cheques must be payable to, and endorsed by you (on the back of the cheque, sign your name, and write your member #. e.g. 434343 and "For Deposit Only").

We cannot accept an item that is payable to someone else and endorsed over to you.

Can I use the funds right away?

Similar to cheque deposits at an ATM or in-branch, there are often holds on the item and the funds may require time to clear.

Will I see the new balance on my account right away?

Yes, your account balance will update automatically.

How will I know if there is an issue with my deposit after I submit the cheque?

In the unlikely circumstance that there is an issue with the deposit after you receive confirmation during the deposit, you will be contacted by us.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

If you have any questions about the cheques you submit, you can visit your local Rapport branch or contact Member Assistance at 416 925 1107 or 1 888 516 6664, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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