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Bill Payments – Online

As a Rapport member, paying bills online is easy. Simply sign into online banking and then click on the ‘Payments’ tab to start paying your bills.  To add a new vendor you can search by name or browse by type such as insurance companies, credit cards, retail stores and more.   Plus you can post-date your payments for those times when you are away or on vacation or schedule recurring payments for those you make on a regular basis.

Don’t have online banking yet?  Getting set up is easy – simply contact Member Assistance at 416 925 1107,  1 888 516 6664 or email to set up this convenient service.

Bill Payments – Telephone

To access paying your bills over through telephone banking,  simply contact Member Assistance at 416 925 1107, 1 888 516 6664 or email

Changes to Telephone Bill Payments

You can now access bill payments directly through telephone banking.  If you are new to telephone banking you will need a password to access this service.

To pay a bill, call 416 325 6818 or 1 800 387 0602,  press 1 for the personal banking menu and then press 5 for bill payments.

If you need to add a bill payment vendor or sign up for this service, simply contact Member Assistance at 416 925 1107, 1 888 516 6664 or email


Your Rapport member cheques can be ordered with ease by contacting Member Assistance at 416 925 1107, 1 888 516 6664 or by emailing .


With Rapport’s online banking service, you can transfer funds from one of your accounts to another. The transfer can be performed immediately, scheduled at a future date, or scheduled on a recurring basis (such as monthly). 

If online banking is not an option for you, we offer hassle-free online transfer services for your loan, line of credit or mortgage, based on the frequency required for the transfers, including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (1st & 15th) and monthly. Information to set up a transfer is required one week in advance. However, once set-up, a recurring transfer will take care of itself.


At Rapport we understand our members experience nuances in cash flow with everyday banking. We offer peace of mind with Overdraft Protection; protecting you against NSFs (non-sufficient fund charges) should you overdraw your chequing account. You can arrange a pre-approved overdraft limit from $500 to $3,000 and use it repeatedly without having to reapply. Members with Full Direct Payroll Deposit have their overdraft balance automatically reduced by the amount of their direct deposit -- saving money by minimizing the interest paid. To apply for an Overdraft on your chequing account, call Member Assistance today at 1 888 516 6664, email or contact your Personal Account Manager directly.

Rapport Overdraft Protection benefits include:

  • Peace of mind: No more worries when pre-authorized debits and bill payments are scheduled.
  • Easy access: Withdraw from the ATM, send an e-Transfer, or direct payment when you need it.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the benefits of continuous access without having to re-apply each time.
  • Interest calculated on the daily outstanding balance and posted on the last day of each month
  • No hassle: No need for a formal repayment schedule. Deposits to account are automatically applied to the outstanding balance.

Safety Deposit Boxes

There are many items we hold dear that money could never replace. Rapport Safety Deposit Boxes are a safe, convenient place to store these irreplaceable items with the added privacy that only you know what’s inside. Although many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet, safe or file cabinet at home or in the office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water or theft. Important papers to consider putting into your Rapport Safety Deposit Box include: Originals of your insurance policies; Family records such as birth, marriage and death certificates; Original deeds, titles, mortgages, leases and other contracts; Stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs). Other valuables worth considering for your Safety Deposit Box include special jewels, medals, rare stamps and other collectibles, negatives for irreplaceable photos, and videos or pictures of your home's contents for insurance purposes (in case of theft or damage). Rapport Safety Deposit Boxes are currently available at our Grenville Street branch in Toronto, James St. South branch in Thunder Bay and at our Kakabeka Falls branch, at a very reasonable cost.

Safety Deposit Box Fees

Foreign Currency

Start your trip off right with Rapport’s wide range of global currencies to meet your travel needs. Please contact your branch for a full list of available currencies.


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