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For us, it's the beginning of a meaningful relationship where you will begin to discover what it means to be a member of Rapport. If you're thinking of making the transition to Rapport from another financial institution, the Embark chequing account is a great way to start.
Designed for students, there's no better time to get set up with an account that lets you take care of your money as you become more active in the financial side of your life. With no monthly charge and up to 35 free transactions, it's an easy, affordable way to get started managing your money.
Evolution with unlimited eligible transactions: Perfect for members who live, work and play in the virtual world. For those that prefer to do their banking exclusively online, via mobile app or at participating ATMs. Our new, lowest-fee account offers tech-savvy members up to 10 e-transfers free of charge. Save time while staying close to your finances with our latest, most flexible chequing account yet.
Our Everyday savings account really is daily with earnings on all balance amounts, plus the added advantage of two free monthly transactions. It's a perfect place to give your money a purpose while still having access when you need it.
When you just want your money to take it up a notch in terms of growth, here's an account with the highest rate of return we offer. Your savings take on a completely new energy level, plus you get the flexibility of one free transaction. Now you (and your money) are really energized.

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